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Besides our standard sheets, corner guards or blocks, we can produce any custom packing inserts for your packaging and shipping needs. We work closely with our packing companies, help develop prototypes, schedule our production and deliveries per your manufacturing needs.

Information About Our Packaging and Shipping Services

We create corner guards, packing inserts, and more. We pride ourselves in well established relationships with packaging companies, which helps us refine prototypes and sync our production and delivery schedules with your manufacturing needs. Our commitment to offering exceptional quality and service ensures your packaging requirements are handled with utmost proficiency.

Personalized Inserts

We design custom packing inserts to suit your products' dimensions, offering an elevated level of protection during shipping.

Partnership Approach

Our close-knit collaboration with packing companies enables us to fine-tune prototypes and match our production and deliveries with your manufacturing schedule.

Designed for Safety

Our custom corner guards and blocks provide specialized protection, catering to your specific packaging needs.

We are ready to be your supplier of the highest quality foam in Las Vegas

Whether it be foam, casting, or recycling, come into contact with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Custom Block inserts, Flat Stock, Shipping Blocks etc. Anything custom to meet the customer needs.
We only use the top of the line ICC approved EPS foam. We will be with .125” of the customers specifications.
Typically needs 3-5 days production, unless otherwise agreed upon.