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Knockdown “Spanish Lace”

Knockdown “Spanish Lace”

Foam coated with 2-coat foamtech, 1-coat TopCoat knockdown and fiberglass mesh. Price based on square foot or surface area.

Mastering Aesthetics: The Art of Spanish Lace in Foam Design

Our “Spanish Lace” service employs a sophisticated coated foam technique, layering foamtech and a topcoat knockdown onto foam, further reinforced by a fiberglass mesh. This process yields a durable foam with a texture reminiscent of traditional Spanish aesthetics. The cost for this aesthetically pleasing and resilient service is based on the square footage or surface area of the project. This transparent pricing model ensures value for money while accommodating varying project scales and complexities.

Layered Technique

Utilizing foamtech, topcoat knockdown, and fiberglass mesh to create a durable foam surface.

Spanish Aesthetics

Producing a texture that echoes the charm of traditional Spanish craftsmanship.

Transparent Pricing

Cost determination based on project's square footage or surface area, ensuring value for diverse project sizes.

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Capturing Timeless Elegance with Knockdown Spanish Lace Technique

Knockdown Spanish Lace is an exquisite foam coating technique that boasts a rich historical and cultural background. Hailing from the Iberian peninsula, Spanish Lace became a popular choice for its intricate patterns that exude a sense of timeless beauty and elegance, making it a coveted choice for a broad range of architectural applications.

Today, we leverage our advanced materials like foamtech, topcoat knockdown, and fiberglass mesh to capture the essence of Spanish Lace and offer it to our clients. The seamless blend of these materials lends a distinctive texture to our foam products, mimicking the intricate designs of Spanish Lace, with the added advantage of superior durability and lighter weight.

  • Classic Elegance: A nod to the sophistication of traditional Spanish aesthetics, our knockdown Spanish Lace technique carries a sense of timeless beauty.
  • Material Blend: A unique combination of foamtech, topcoat knockdown, and fiberglass mesh, enhancing durability.
  • Intricate Texture: Delivers a unique texture reminiscent of traditional Spanish Lace patterns.
  • Enhanced Durability: Our coated foam, strengthened by topcoat knockdown and fiberglass mesh, ensures your project maintains its elegance without compromising on resilience.


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