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Innovative Coated Foam Solutions: Elevate your Projects

Discover the transformative potential of our coated foam services, guaranteeing durability, aesthetic appeal, and versatility for any project.

Durable Aesthetics: Exceptional Coating Techniques for Timeless Foam Finishes

Home Foam’s Coating Services excel in delivering specialized foam solutions tailored to your project’s needs. We offer an array of coatings – from our single-coat foamtech with fiberglass mesh to a more intricate synthetic 20 grit sand finish, or even the richly textured Knockdown “Spanish Lace” treatment. All our coatings come with transparent pricing, calculated based on the square foot or surface area covered, ensuring you get exceptional value for your investment. Regardless of your aesthetic preference or durability requirements, we are committed to providing the finest, custom-tailored coating solutions to bring your foam designs to life.


Base coat with Mesh

Foam coated with 1-coat foamtech and fiberglass mesh. Price based on square foot or surface area.

Sand finish with mesh

Foam coated with 1-coat foamtech, 1-coat synthetic 20 grit sand and fiberglass mesh. Price based on square foot or surface area.

Knockdown "Spanish Lace"

Foam coated with 2-coat foamtech, 1-coat TopCoat knockdown and fiberglass mesh. Price based on square foot or surface area.

Base Coat with Mesh: Transformative Coated Foam Solution

Through meticulous application of foamtech and mesh, our base coat services boost foam’s durability and aesthetic appeal. Our pricing model, grounded in transparency, is calculated on project square footage or surface area. We strive to deliver uncompromising quality and exceptional value in each project.

Foamtech Protection

Our 1-coat Foamtech application fortifies foam, providing superior protection and longevity.

Fiberglass Reinforcement

Coating foam with fiberglass mesh offers enhanced strength and durability, with pricing based on project size.

Superior Durability

Our foamtech and fiberglass mesh treatment ensures unmatched durability for lasting results.

Knockdown 'Spanish Lace': Intricate Design in Coated Foam Mastery

View our various popouts designs that you can use for your next architectural project!


Resilient Durability

Strong resilience against harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear, ensuring longevity for your architectural features.


Authentic Texture

Mimics the authentic, grainy texture of real sand, creating a natural and appealing look for your design elements.


Spanish Aesthetics

Bring a unique aesthetic to a broad range of architectural features, from exterior walls to interior design elements.


Cost-Effective Solution

Achieve a premium sandstone-like appearance without the high costs associated with natural sandstone, making it a cost-effective solution for your construction needs.

Sand Finish with Mesh: Textured Elegance in Coated Foam

Our approach involves a multi-layered coating process, incorporating foamtech, synthetic 20 grit sand, and fiberglass mesh. This unique combination enhances the foam’s durability while lending it an aesthetically pleasing texture. Costs determined based on the square footage or surface area of your project, streamlining your budgeting process and ensuring value with every square foot.

Durable Coating

Our multi-layered foamtech and synthetic 20 grit sand coating, reinforced with fiberglass mesh, ensures longevity.

Aesthetic Finish

The coating process not only enhances durability but also provides a pleasing texture for a visually appealing finish.

Transparent Pricing

We calculate costs based on your project's square footage or surface area, ensuring clear and fair pricing.

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