We provide custom foam and casting services for all of Las Vegas

Specializing in Architectural Foam design, Pop-outs for Plaster Companies, Foam for Shipping, Event Design, Foam for Underground, as well as raw and coated foam for Patio Companies. If you can think of it we can usually make it out of foam.

Take a look at some work we have done in the past!

We have completed hundreds of custom foam projects all over the United States.

What Do We Do?


Residential/Commercial Construction

Pop-outs, Corbels, Columns, Keystones, Crown Molding, Arches, Trim and much more.



One and Two pound foam can be cut to fit any box or cut to protect corners, edges during transportation. Custom made to customer specs.


Patio Cover

Square, Round, standard or recessed columns 8,9, 10 or 12 foot tall. They can be raw foam or coated with stucco finish (popcorn finish or knock down).



Our GFRC/GFRC is made with the highest quality products to ensure strength and longevity. Paint ready or integral color with 3 textures available: smooth, medium and weathered.


Convention Booths and Events

From 8 foot Letters to a 15 foot T-Rex if you can envision it we can probably bring it to life with foam


We can make any physically conceivable object with foam

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

View our various cut foam products we created!

Let us bring your vision to life. Dive into our diverse array of foam cuts below and ignite your creativity!

View our various cut foam products we created!

Let us bring your vision to life. Signage, statues, props, architectural foam, we can make anything. Dive into our diverse array of foam cuts below and ignite your creativity!

Essential foam packaging solutions

We can create foam inserts, cornerguards, and much more for packaging and shipping needs
We specialize in crafting precise foam packaging inserts, durable corner guards, and many more custom foam solutions to safeguard your valuables and enhance your products. Let us tailor-make the perfect foam fit for your needs.

We offer a unique foam recycling service

We are one of the few companies that offer recycling of EPS foam!
Home Foam recycles all (CLEAN) EPS foam. Whether you are an existing customer or not, we can pick up your EPS foam waste or feel free to drop it off. We take the existing waste, grind it up, send it through our densifier, which is then molded into a compact cube ready to be shipped. We ship out all our recycled products to manufacturers who use it to make assorted plastic items such as utensils and picture frames.

Our various casting solutions

We offer materials such as GFRG, GFRC, Modified GFRG, and Polyuratyhne castings. These architectural castings solutions are lightweight, easy to install, and offer several advantages over traditional building materials such as concrete, brick, or wood. These advantages can be things such as resistant to mould, moisture and are fire retardant. Such castings are prefabricated offsite, which reduces construction time and costs, making them an attractive option for builders and developers.


Boasting strength, lightness, and fire-resistance, our GFRG materials are the go-to choice for architectural masterpieces and large-scale sculptures.

Modified GFRG

By infusing acrylic polymers into our mix, we ensure our products are primed for robust exterior use.


Precast concrete that provides the strength and durability of concrete at a fraction of the weight.

Expanded Polyurethyne

We employ 8lb expanded polyurethyne to form light yet sturdy elements such as corbels, shutters, and vent covers.

We have an impressive facility with best in class equipment for all foam casting and creation

Click on the video to take a look at our facility!

The Tools

We bring your ideas and drawings to life in a physical 3-D form using the latest CAD technology and hot-wire CNC machines.

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